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Youth in Transition . . . All young people starting the process of building their adult life are empowered by resources and connections to get them on their way.

Our goal is to provide information to help young people aged 16-25 living with emotional/social challenges to move-on and thrive in the life they choose. Individuals and their support system will find relevant links throughout New York State and information geared towards the different stages of transition to independent living.


YOUTH POWER! is a New York State network of youth with disabilities and social/emotional challenges that advocates for the involvement of youth at all levels of service.

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A County Response
Nassau County Transition Task Force

A group of parents and professionals came together to form The Nassau County Transition Task Force. They created the Transition Planning Guide, a resource for families of youth living with emotional disabilities.The transition information in this guide is relevant to students throughout the New York State. The resource section of this guide is geared towards Nassau County. The guide could easily be adapted for any other county in NYS by replacing the resource section with county specific information.


June 2008 - GAO estimates that at least 2.4 million young adults aged 18 through 26—or 6.5 percent of the non-institutionalized young adults in that age range— had a serious mental illness in 2006, and they had lower levels of education on average than other young adults. Read more...

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